2023 — Year of the POZ

The pozitive journey continues…real talk about the pozitive future we are building and what comes next

  • Now: A mobile-platform for universal access to the first ‘impact-2-earn’ social model, enabling everyday people to contribute to sustainability (sometimes without even realising it…) and be meaningfully rewarded for it.
  • Next: A coin that will begin rolling out our vision to become the world’s first truly mainstream spending cryptocurrency, minus the BS of traditional crypto, and PLUS all the pozitives built into the DNA of our mission to create a pozitive world.
  • Then: A protocol architecture (…the code is already written btw) that harnesses the individual actions occurring on our mobile-platform and ‘tokenises’ them into larger scale positive social & environmental impact, via impact tokens. ‘Tokenising Pozitivity’ you might say..

Our pozitive journey

A look back on ‘22

2022 Highlights

  • Pozzle Planet mobile-app on App Store & Google Play!!
  • 10,000 POZ holders here
  • Pozzlenauts collectible avatar series here — 700+ holders, deployed our own original omnichain NFT series with custom minting page here (still some available!)
  • 100+ contributors via. our Build-2-Earn program across dev, UX/UI, treasury/protocol and growth/marketing/community
  • 11 months of intensive non-stop token engineering and protocol design
  • Deployed 8 smart contracts such as POZ mining, staking, bonding, swaps, liquidity management, minting, omnichain NFTs, community rewards & revenue-based yields
  • Developed and deployed an omnichain minting contract for our friend’s Rekt Wolf NFT migration to Ethereum
  • Built a web-app where you can purchase POZ directly here
  • 19,000 Pozzle videos added on the mobile-app in the first 4 weeks — view the stats streaming LIVE on pozzleplanet.com
  • First revenues from POZ transactions in-app!

Beginning the Odyssey ‘23

Odyssey’23: The pozitive journey to fill the world with pozitivity

POZ to the stars

Every POZ transaction, has a pozitive contribution to the price of POZ.

Things you can do with POZ

Pozzle Planet: Scan QR codes inside your ‘POZ pouch’ for instant transactions



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Pozzle Planet

Pozzle Planet is a social-video platform powered by POZ, a new currency that rewards everyday activities that have a positive impact on the planet.