Introducing Pozzle Planet

A trip to space is what every human being yearns to have, all for the purpose of attaining that celestial feeling for the Earth view. We can’t promise you a trip to space, albeit we can promise the attainment of that celestial feeling that enables you to create a world in which your activity and every other community member’s activity drives the POZitivity of social impact on Planet Earth.

Pozzle Planet can’t grant you that trip to space, but we incentivise you to contribute positively to the lives of people through our game-app, where players and friends activities makes a real-life positive impact on planet Earth, with an added incentive for you to earn $POZ tokens and generating a Pozzleverse full of NFTs called Pozzles.

Getting Started

Pozzle Planet is a social-game that sits at the intersection of three main growth trends in social, gaming and crypto, with an incentive based model that allows you to earn while you positively impact the globe.

Remember, this is about you and that celestial feeling.

Getting started with Pozzle Planet is quite easy and fast with our mobile app on App Store and Google Play, you can collaborate with your friends and document on video your collective act to positively impact the globe and earn $POZ as a reward for your proof of impact.

How do you Earn?

Our business model is quite simple, we ensure you earn by “Proof of Impact”, posting that video of you and your friend’s collective effort to safeguard the planet and uploading it on the Pozzle Planet app with each piece of your act shaped in an hexagon and jig-sawed into a planet of the Pozzleverse.

To learn more about our dimensioned earning models follow the link.

Pozzle Planet Infrastructure

$POZ is mined at a rate determined by the Protocol and once available, it is then distributed into buckets. The primary focus of the token distribution is to incentivise our ‘impact-to-earn’ model which is pegged to real-life impact made through individual actions in a game-like context.

$POZ Tokenomics

As a function of the number of Pozzles made, $POZ flows from its source of being mined. It flows into a mostly self-contained but increasing circuit when released, fuelling an ecosystem of continual value creation and natural economic expansion, with the Protocol managing the balance of $POZ in the system to assure price stability and steady growth.

The size of the Pozzleverse and the pace of Pozzle generation, which are the visual representation and global ‘progress bar’ of POZitive impact-made, symbolise the economy’s ‘productivity.’

$POZ Token Distribution

The $POZ token will be distributed via. Protocol mining, to the following areas in support of the growth of the Pozzle Planet ecosystem:

$POZ Token Distribution (Post-Mining)

With a community of active impact users, the Pozzle Planet ecosystem has evolved over the last year, and we want you to be part of the inter-planetary change.

Find out more about the team behind Pozzle Planet and get started with the Whitepaper here.




Pozzle Planet is an ‘Impact-2-Earn’ Protocol & Social Platform powered by $POZ, a cryptocurrency that rewards actions that have a positive impact on the planet.

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Pozzle Planet

Pozzle Planet

Pozzle Planet is an ‘Impact-2-Earn’ Protocol & Social Platform powered by $POZ, a cryptocurrency that rewards actions that have a positive impact on the planet.

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