Investor Update — December

First revenues and growth to 500+ DAU and 700+ daily Pozzle videos being added after 2 weeks on App Store & Google Play.

November Highlights

  • First revenues through in-app transaction fees!
  • 10,000 Pozzle videos added in the mobile-app!
  • 2.2k+ accounts created!
  • POZ pre-sales purchase app deployed LIVE on web!
  • New POZ token verified on Testnet!
  • Major Publication by Coinvise
  • 12k followers on Twitter (+25%)

View our LIVE traction stats dashboard

Pozzle Planet’s LIVE database charts can be viewed here

Top stats YTD (3 mths since Alpha launch)

  • 25 revenue-earning in-app transactions (37.15 POZ)
  • Recent uptake of pledging: 100 POZ pledges in last 2 weeks (188.07 POZ)
  • 24 activities completed (Plus: To complete an activity it requires 100 users to add a Pozzle video — so this is 2400 Pozzles added to specific group activities!)
  • Top user (who joined 8th September) has been active for 80 days and has now posted 700+ Pozzles (avg. 8.75 per day)
Pozzle Planet’s top user: 80 days active and 699 Pozzle videos added!

Full team, established over 12+ months

Coinvise’s latest publication about Pozzle Planet as a tokenised community

New POZ contract verified on Testnet

Screenshot 25th November from Pozzle Planet’s Discord

Goals for December

  • POZ trading competition on Testnet via Sushiswap
  • Launch POZ/USDC swaps via mobile-app on Polygon
  • Launch POZ/USDC liquidity to Sushiswap DEX on Polygon
  • Targeted growth with pozitive creators/influencers program
  • Commence development of Pozzle planetary system
  • Scale-up active content moderation in-app

Looking towards 2023

  1. POZpay: Rapid expansion of POZ as a global payment option
  2. In-app planetary system: Gamified activity participation
  3. AI/Machine learning: For our unique AI ‘Pozitivity brain’

POZ pre-sales now available



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Pozzle Planet

Pozzle Planet is a social-video platform powered by POZ, a new currency that rewards everyday activities that have a positive impact on the planet.