POZ Airdrop — The most pozitive airdrop on the planet!

To celebrate the launch of our flagship mobile-app to App Store & Google Play (read about that here), we’re kicking off with a bang by announcing a mega 30,000 POZ community airdrop in 30 days!

This MASSIVE airdrop which is by far the largest in Pozzle Planet’s history, will be shared and distributed to all participants — and the more pozitive activities you do via our mobile-app, the higher your share of the airdrop!

How to enter:

4 easy steps to be eligible for a portion of the airdrop:

  1. Follow/Like/Retweet our Airdrop Tweet
  2. Download Pozzle Planet on App Store or Google Play
  3. Record & add a Pozzle video

You can also share your Pozzle video in the Tweet comments!

What’s a Pozzle? Easy — record yourself doing something pozitive in 6 seconds and add it to the group of other Pozzle videos in the app!

How to increase my share of the drop?

To increase your share of the POZ airdrop, you need to increase your position on the in-app Leaderboard, by adding more Pozzle videos!

There’s no limit on how many Pozzles you can add, just like there’s no limit to your pozitivity! (Actually in your first 24h on the app — there is a max of 5 Pozzles…just to prevent any spam attacks!)

But of course the catch is, your Pozzles need to pass through our community ‘pozitivity’ validation, you’ll learn all about that by tapping the smilie ‘reaction’ feature on the bottom right corner of the video feed. If your Pozzles don’t pass validation — they won’t count towards the airdrop! So pozitive videos only please! :D

Our app keeps track of how many Pozzles are added by users and matches that with the wallets used or created to login — so we can easily distribute the airdrop to wallets of all participants who have logged into the app and added Pozzles!


That’s not all folks. To show the spirit of our app, which is all about doing things together, then what better way to emphasise that than to supercharge the airdrop if collective community goals are reached!

If the community reaches:

⚡️⚡️ 30,000 Pozzles added, the airdrop will DOUBLE to 60,000 POZ

⚡️⚡️⚡️ 100,000 Pozzles added, the airdrop will more than TRIPLE to 100,000 POZ

You can easily keep track of the total number of Pozzles added by the community LIVE on the mobile-app’s Home screen, or on the landing page at pozzleplanet.com!

Pozzle Planet: In-app Leaderboard & global stats on the Home screen


All @Pozzlenauts holders will automatically receive a +20% increase in their airdrop amount!


All community token holders from our pozitive partners allowlist will automatically receive a +20% boost to their airdrop!

If you’d like to become a pozitive partner of Pozzle Planet and give your token holders some pozitive utility, please get in touch with our Cofounder Thomas Bisballe via Twitter, Discord or thomas@pozzleplanet.com

Remember — together we can unlock 100,000 POZ

We hope you have fun beginning your pozitive journey with us on Pozzle Planet…and may the POZ be with us all!



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Pozzle Planet is a social-video platform powered by POZ, a new currency that rewards everyday activities that have a positive impact on the planet.