POZ pre-sales—How to purchase POZ

Step-by-step guide to purchasing POZ via the new Pozzle Planet website!

Take a pozitive step towards a pozitive world

What about the price?

First, things you’ll need:

  • Metamask (preferred), Trust Wallet or Rainbow on your mobile
  • USDC funds on Polygon
  • MATIC funds for gas on Polygon

Step by step:

  1. IMPORTANT: We recommend using desktop, but if you are using mobile, please open your wallet app first and use the in-app browser of your wallet app
  2. Go to pozzleplanet.com and tap ‘Purchase POZ’
  3. On the purchase POZ landing page, you’ll find a ‘Buy POZ’ button, tap that and you’ll get this next screen popup:
Pozzle Planet web-app: Buy POZ with USDC
  • To approve spending amount of USDC
  • To confirm the purchase of POZ
Purchase POZ transactions: 2 steps to confirm via your wallet
Purchase POZ: 5 minute waiting time before you can claim your POZ

That’s it!



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Pozzle Planet

Pozzle Planet is a social-video platform powered by POZ, a new currency that rewards everyday activities that have a positive impact on the planet.