POZ pre-sales—How to purchase POZ

POZ is the new currency for a pozitive world. It’s the utility token of Pozzle Planet with a vision to become the world’s no.1 mainstream spending currency, where every POZ transaction pozitively contributes to life and sustainability on planet Earth.

Take a pozitive step towards a pozitive world

We’ve been intensively engineering the tokenomics of POZ for more than a year, and our dev team has spent several months developing to bring you this beautiful app, user experience and custom-built smart contract for purchasing POZ.

We’re excited for you to enjoy this ‘shopping’ for POZ and also more importantly to look forward to the shining future of pozitivity that we are building together.

What about the price?

POZ pre-sales price is fixed at $0.050 (1 USDC = 20 POZ). We have initially allocated up to 6m POZ for pre-sales until sold out, or until POZ swaps are LIVE (target December).

POZ will be officially launched for swaps with USDC (buy & sell) via the Pozzle Planet mobile-app. We have a special design for POZ — its engineered like a ‘rising stablecoin’ meaning that it has a price that stays ‘fixed’ but also tends gradually in the positive direction. You can read more about this in our latest article here.

So with this design for POZ, when we launch swaps it will begin at the price of $0.05 and from there as trading volume occurs the price system is designed to increase gradually in tiny increments. We believe we have achieved this special ‘pozitivity mechanic’ in our custom-built smart contract and our devs are currently finalising testing on testnet for the official launch.

So, let’s buy some POZ!

First, things you’ll need:

  • Metamask (preferred), Trust Wallet or Rainbow on your mobile
  • USDC funds on Polygon
  • MATIC funds for gas on Polygon

To buy POZ, you’ll need USDC on Polygon <<<this is really important to get your USDC on the correct network — Polygon. And finally, you’ll need some MATIC to pay the gas for the transaction.

There’s a really simple guide to getting USDC on Polygon and some MATIC here.

Step by step:

POZ is on Polygon. We happen to think Polygon is SUPER cool these days, and getting cooler by the minute as the growing blockchain of choice for the world’s major brands.

You’ll want to make sure that POZ displays properly in your wallet app, so the contract address for POZ on Polygon is here so you can ‘import token’ into your wallet app.

  1. IMPORTANT: We recommend using desktop, but if you are using mobile, please open your wallet app first and use the in-app browser of your wallet app
  2. Go to pozzleplanet.com and tap ‘Purchase POZ’
  3. On the purchase POZ landing page, you’ll find a ‘Buy POZ’ button, tap that and you’ll get this next screen popup:
Pozzle Planet web-app: Buy POZ with USDC

3. Enter the amount of USDC you wish to spend to buy POZ. Note: The POZ pre-sales price is fixed at $0.050 (1 USDC = 20 POZ)

4. Tap ‘Buy POZ with USDC’

5. You’ll be prompted with 2 requests via your wallet app

  • To approve spending amount of USDC
  • To confirm the purchase of POZ
Purchase POZ transactions: 2 steps to confirm via your wallet

6. After that, there will be a short 5 minute countdown to claim your POZ

7. When the countdown is finished, press ‘Claim POZ’ and you will get a prompt in your wallet app to confirm the claim transaction.

Purchase POZ: 5 minute waiting time before you can claim your POZ

Now, check your wallet for your POZ! Remember to import the token address in case you don’t see your POZ.

That’s it!

Congratulations on becoming a pozitive human being!

If you have any questions about POZ or need support on the purchasing experience, please join our Discord to discuss it directly with the team and read our series of articles about POZ on Medium.

**Disclaimer: This is not financial or investment advice. You are strongly encouraged to DYOR.***



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