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In our previous article we talked about our ‘rising’ pozitivity mechanic (read about it here). It described how POZ “..can’t be pumped and it can’t be dumped”. After rigorous testing of our new POZ token contract on Testnet, we’ve decided to go one step further to bolstering our pozitivity mission and strip POZ back to an even purer form — essentially, on its own ‘exchange’.

You know that saying that’s going around at the moment ‘not your keys, not your crypto’ well this approach is kind of the same vibe ‘not your exchange, not your rules’…‘not your contract, not your price’…‘not your system, not your value’.

Pozzle Planet is a distributed value system, and POZ is the sole beneficiary of all value created in our system. But if POZ is forced to live on an extractive 3rd party marketplace operating with rules that aren’t designed to equally share the benefits with its whole community, then the value for the whole community will be continuously deteriorated.

Instead, we want every interaction with the Pozzle Planet system, to pozitively contribute to POZ.

We realised we’ve been building a protocol architecture that operates with, but continuously fights against, the traditional liquidity pool and market design as every trade occurs. So whilst this is feasible to achieve, why bother with the extra dependencies and potential vulnerabilities? When instead the chain gives us the opportunity to innovate new, pure, self-contained economies and new market designs, so why the hell were we trying to put POZ in classic liquidity pool anyway? Talk about a ‘duh’ moment..

Here’s some bold claims to set the scene:

  • POZ doesn’t give a f about bears or bulls…it never came here for those in the first place
  • POZ doesn’t need to be pumped…in fact it can’t be
  • POZ doesn’t need a liquidity pool…and yet all holders have 100% access to redeem their POZ at any time

Unlike all other tokens at the mercy of bears and bulls, POZ is the pozitivity coin — it’s immune because it isn’t trying to get rich off speculation cycles and hence dying a spiralling death when the cycle is down. In the current market design there’s winners and as a result there are always losers —and guess what, it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, the POZ price is designed to gradually rise in the pozitive direction as value is created and redistributed back into the price — hence benefitting all holders equally — no winners and no losers — just more pozitive people.

The system is very simple.

Every transaction that occurs gives a pozitive contribution to the POZ price.

POZ price system: Every transaction has a pozitive contribution to the price

This system is fully self-contained in the Pozzle Planet mobile-app and protocol. POZ does not need to use any exchange or liquidity pools. To interact with POZ — use our mobile-app!

With this model, the POZ price will rise incrementally through pozitive contributions from the ecosystem. Whether it be from in-app purchases, direct sales or transaction fees, which of course can include trading volume, but it does not depend on it solely.

Let’s break it down in steps:

POZ Price = Total USDC Reserve / Total POZ Holdings

  1. The price of POZ is simply the total USDC reserve value divided by the number of POZ held by users. For example, if there are 400,000 POZ held by user wallets and 40,000 in the reserve, the price of POZ would be 10c
  2. Each time a swap occurs (either buy or sell POZ), a pozitive contribution fee (%) is added back to the USDC reserve, which incrementally increases the price for all POZ holders
  3. POZ rewards are earned by users of the Pozzle Planet mobile-app, who become holders of POZ
  4. When revenue is generated, it is added to the USDC reserve together with the release of more POZ rewards to the community of mobile-app users, so there won’t be any negative affect on the price

Pozzle Planet is designed with revenue streams to funnel in like a traditional consumer business, with the fundamental difference being that the revenues are not extracted to a centralised entity but instead redistributed back directly into the price of POZ, with no speculation in between.

Each time a transaction occurs, a pozitive contribution is made, and an incremental price brick is laid.

So unlike a traditional stock that’s supposed to be some form of representation of a company’s future earnings — but we all know is far detached from that, or another meaningless token where the only thing between its price and you is fomo, POZ’s price is always based on value that’s already in the bag.

To purchase POZ now in our pre-sales, visit our new web-app here and swap your USDC for POZ on Polygon.



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