POZ — The rise of pozitivity

WARNING: Pozitivity is highly contagious.

In the lead up to POZ pre-sales we’re sharing everything you need to know about what makes POZ the most pozitive currency on the planet.

POZ has one simple idea — to fill the world with pozitivity.

Everyone knows the negative spin we’re in, so POZ is here to annihilate negativity —and to bring the opportunity for everyone to live a pozitive life while restoring the planet to pozitivity.

Why POZ?

There’s no money today that puts value on pozitivity.

Sadly, everything that is destructive is what has value in today’s economy...whilst everything that is constructive or positive usually has to be a deliberate personal choice or a volunteer effort. There’s no reward for the positive actions we could do in everyday life. So the trend of negativity and destruction continues.

At the same time, the power of humanity to do good and to create pozitivity is truly infinite. So what if a pozitive coin could disrupt this dilemma, by rewarding pozitive activities in everyday life that contribute to a more sustainable world.

We know that this kind of pozitivity can spread at light speed. This is because humans copy the behaviours of other humans around them through a process called diffusion (which we wrote all about here).

So with the right spread of pozitivity, this coin could very quickly become universally accessed each day through everyone’s pozitive daily activities, bringing with it the opportunity for meaningful earnings to live a pozitive life.

In a nutshell, POZ is the money for this pozitive world. But those are big words and a grand vision. So today we’re answering what can POZ really do and how does it do it?

POZ for beginners

We’ve made POZ super easy to get. Record something pozitive in 6 seconds on the Pozzle Planet mobile-app and you’ll earn POZ as your video uploads! Record something pozitive, share, earn, repeat!

Right now, the first thing you can spend it on is to ‘pledge’ POZ to activities inside the mobile-app. This feature is LIVE and kicking right now! It’s a kind of ‘boost’ or kudos to activities you care about or want to help promote. Pledging POZ boosts the rewards pool for other users to join the activity. When the activity completes — everyone who joined receives a share of the pledged POZ!

Next up, you’ll be able to swap your POZ to other currencies, we’re making available the first swaps to $USDC on Polygon via our mobile-app. Yep you won’t have to go anywhere other than your POZ pouch in-app to swap the POZ you earned to $USDC (or the other way around if you want to buy more POZ…)

And soon, we’ve got big plans to make ‘Can I pay with POZ?’ the next question everyone is asking when they go shopping! 2023 is all about our rollout of “POZPay” with pozitive brands, because the whole idea is for this coin to become your everyday spending currency — and every time you spend it you’ll know you’re also contributing to a more pozitive world with every transaction.

We get it, you’re worried that the price will go up and down like a rollercoaster. Well we’ve got good news for you, POZ is different. It’s not like all the other cryptos. POZ is a pozitive coin, which means we designed it so that you can stay pozitive and never worry about your POZ going in the negative direction.

Have you heard of a ‘stablecoin? They are usually a crypto version of $1 US dollar that always stays at around $1. POZ is similar to this, so it’s a stable price but its also a rising price. We call it a ‘rising stablecoin’ and it means the price will slowly and gradually go up if the pozitivity spreads (we get technical on this in the next section if you’re interested..) Basically our intention is that when you get 1 POZ, you don’t have to worry about it going down in value, but you can still have pozitive aspirations that it could go in the pozitive direction.

Anyway, in the meantime it’s kind of a no-brainer to accumulate POZ via the Pozzle Planet mobile-app because it is essentially ‘free’ to do so! Just record something pozitive in 6 seconds and voila! Your pozitivity became POZ.

POZ for pros

If you’re into token engineering and web 3.0 technical jargon please read on, if not, have a read anyway and see if you think some of it is cool.

We’ve gone for a brave design — a coin that can’t be pumped and it can’t be dumped. Instead, our team has coded the unique POZ token contract so that each and every trade has a small, incremental, pozitive effect on the price of all POZ in circulation.

The simple idea is to back the price of the token with revenues (fees) from its own trading, as well as other revenues generated by the protocol.

When trades occur, the POZ token contract takes fees from the trades and moves them to a backing wallet. This backing, sets the POZ price for all POZ in circulation. This would otherwise be known as a ‘floor’ price, but that’s not all folks…With POZ where the real magic is, is that the POZ token contract automatically carries out liquidity adjustments to re-adjust the moving pool prices to the real POZ price. No more crazy swings in price up or price down from buying and selling swarms. With POZ, the outcome of every trade is a tiny, incremental price increase on the pool, no matter if it the trade is a buy or a sell.

Here is a screenshot literally from today, to show what we mean:

We’ve got two pro solidity devs programming our new POZ token contract, one joined us in March, the other in July. They are collaborating right now as we speak, writing & testing the code, challenging the logic and cross-checking each other.

We are still verifying our design on Testnet, and once we are completely satisfied that the contract is delivering on this pozitive promise, we will be announcing a super exciting POZ Trading Competition! And yes, the prizes will be POZ! So traders, investors, users and anyone can head over to either Sushiswap or Uniswap on Testnet and test-trade POZ — so you can see for yourself the pozitive price design we are telling you about.

First — don’t ask the wrong questions about this token. Remember, it’s not the typical token — it can’t be pumped, and it can’t be dumped, but it can rise slowly over time.

Based on this design, you don’t need to think of POZ with the usual questions like whats the fully diluted market cap? Because there is no dilution.

Whilst POZ is an ‘Impact-2-Earn’ token, it’s nothing like the inflationary STEPN GMT/GST or rebase tokens like KLIMA because we consider all those tokens failures for their community — they don’t deliver any certainty for the X-2-Earners, in fact the opposite they promised a meaningful income opportunity and then created stress and loss.

But how do you handle emissions from the earnings in the mobile-app I hear you asking?! Naturally, since we’re calling out dilutive tokens as failures then we better have that covered…and we do. As trades occur a percentage of the fees and revenue from the protocol go into an ‘emissions wallet’, which covers the backing for any POZ token emissions that come from users ‘mining’ pozitivity on the mobile-app.

I just took a screenshot of my in-app POZ Pouch right now (and put the pretty POZ shimmer border around it for Medium purposes hehe):

@LadyPozzle’s POZ Pouch: POZ rewards rates per activity

It’s worth mentioning here, that the mining of POZ on the mobile-app is also regulated by smart contract. POZ doesn’t get minted like crazy like those unmentionable other tokens. POZ is already minted and is a fixed supply of 1 billion that is locked in a vault. The contract design is that POZ can only be ‘mined’ into circulation (released from the vault) when a pozitive activity is done by a user of the mobile-app. So the emissions are actually correlated with usage of our social-platform ecosystem and hence growth in value.

As you can read, the whole system is comprehensively thought through, and actually we’ve been engineering it in detail for 14 months solid. If you want to know more you can contact me — the one writing this — @LadyPozzle on our Discord at anytime. I called myself the Wizardess of POZ. Shameless but true.

The culture of pozitivity we are shaping is already shining. More than 700 users have already mined POZ through our mobile-app and pre-launch activities, and there are 7,000 holders of POZ who were attracted to the pozitivity through our pre-season promotions and airdrops (more of these to come..).

The total circulating supply is less than 300,000 which has been mainly earned through our Build-2-Earn program to incentivise developers and project contributors over the last 14 months.

Our top POZ holders are devs:

POZ token top holders as at 5th November 2022

Once we’ve deployed to Mainnet and fully verified the new POZ token, we’ll snapshot and airdrop all current holders…and we will do it just before we launch liquidity. So that’s going to be a super fun drop and we might supercharge it in a few interesting ways too…(alpha anyone?)

Thanks for reading all the way here to arrive at this new dawn. The dawn where pozitivity begins to rise — it’s almost upon us. Soon, we’ll be moving from social token to mainstream currency.

If you want to become a pozitive human being, start by earning your first POZ on the Pozzle Planet mobile-app which can be downloaded here.

POZ life. We’ll keep on risin’.



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