Pozzle Planet — ALPHA 1.5 is now LIVE

It’s been 1 month since the launch of Pozzle Planet ALPHA 1.0 — the team has been building non-stop and we’re now super excited to bring you ALPHA 1.5 with all sorts of pozitivity gems!

First of all, what is Pozzle Planet?

Pozzle Planet is a mobile-app where users can join ‘pozitive’ activities via video and get rewarded with POZ. Activities on the app are user-generated and a few popular examples in the app include ‘Saving energy by turning off unused devices’ or ‘Using your bike for transport’ or ‘Upcycling Plastic’.

The goal is to inspire others to join the activities by adding your own ‘Pozzle videos’ that create pozitivity in the world around you.

What if an app could create world-wide pozitivity through the little actions of everyone?

How does it work?

Pozitive activities are started by the users and can be viewed in the video feed. Anyone can join the activity by tapping on ‘Add Pozzle’ to record and add their Pozzle video to the group.

Pozzle Planet: Join activities by adding your Pozzle video!

The video format is less than 10 seconds via. in-app camera only — so there’s no upload or post-production effects, its just straight up raw record and post instantly! Kinda like ‘BeReal’ but for video-activities, electrified with a whole range of incentives.

The idea is just to whip out your phone and capture the real-life moment when you’re doing an activity and instantly share it, to show you’ve joined the group. Doesn’t need to be fancy…it’s an activity platform — not a content feed.

Now what about those rewards?

Each time you add a Pozzle video, a calculation occurs to determine your POZ rewards! You can increase your POZ rewards by increasing your POZITIVITY score, which is essentially your engagement score in the app. Simply put — the more Pozzles you add, the higher your POZITIVITY will become.

POZ Rewards: Steps to earn POZ by adding Pozzle videos

After adding Pozzle videos, your POZ rewards take 24hrs to become ‘validated’ and available in your in-app ‘POZ Pouch’!

What is POZ?

POZ is our new digital currency for a pozitive world. Every POZ transaction goes towards funding positive social and environmental impact projects all over the world, via the Pozzle Planet protocol. You can read all about POZ in our Purplepaper here.

Now back to those pozitive activities!

How to get started

If you don’t know what Web 3.0 even is, or you’re not really into NFTs or crypto, we got you. Just tap “I’m New” and Pozzle Planet will log you in by creating a digital wallet for you. Just remember to write down the ‘Login code’ (secret phrase) that is generated and never share it with anyone.

Otherwise, if you already know the Web 3.0 drill then you can easily get into the app in seconds by tapping on “Login with Wallet Connect” to connect with your existing wallet via e.g. Rainbow, Trust Wallet or Metamask. That’s it, no annoying email or passwords to forget later.

Once you’re in, swipe left to record and add your first Pozzle video — its that easy to start creating pozitivity!

ALPHA version — what’s in, what’s next?

Watch this LIVE walkthrough video here to see the main features that are already rocking now:

  • Wallet connect or create a new wallet
  • For You discover and view video activities
  • Record to start or join video activities
  • POZ Rewards to earn by doing activities
  • POZ Pledging to boost rewards for others
  • POZ Pouch in-app wallet for managing POZ

For the rollout, we are are naming our app development milestones in the following order: Alpha 1, 2, 3 and Beta 1, 2, 3. Each version launch brings a new set of major features and upgrades. During the rollout of the forthcoming Beta series, we will launch the app publicly to App Store and Google Play.

Right now for users on the Alpha, it’s all about adding Pozzle videos. Next we’ll introduce a unique 3D experience for joining activities anywhere on Earth, and then soon the real magic will begin when the first Pozzle Planets are spawned into the Pozzleverse!

Pozzle Planet Mobile-app: Upcoming major features Earth 3D and Pozzle Planet system

Download the ALPHA today at pozzleplanet.com!



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Pozzle Planet

Pozzle Planet is a social-video platform powered by POZ, a new currency that rewards everyday activities that have a positive impact on the planet.