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Pozzle Planet is a fun, simple and pozitive way to join activities with friends and people all over the world. Record yourself doing something pozitive and get rewarded for it by earning POZ, our new currency for a pozitive world.

Ever had that feeling like your actions don’t matter?

Well, can you imagine the feeling if you could see that they do? …One thing we’re all really missing is a real world view. The positive effect of all our actions combined is hidden from us by the powers at be — they don’t want us to see it because it supposedly means less profit for them.

So we created a place where you can see it.

Let our powers combine!

Pozzle Planet is where small actions matter a lot.

The butterfly effect states that small actions can have ripple effects )))

At Pozzle Planet, the butterfly effect is something we try to create every day. How? By sharing short videos (‘Pozzles’) of our daily activities to inspire others to join in — creating a pozitivity effect.

We’ve built a place where our little actions combine to multiply the pozitivity effect. We believe this positive impact that starts at the smallest level deserves to be rewarded, and over time can create system level changes in our environment and the world around us.

Wind, water, heart, whatever is pozitive for you, is pozitive for the world!

What can I do on Pozzle Planet?

You add Pozzles of course!

But what the heck are Pozzles? Pozzles are pieces of pozitivity that we each add to the planet every day. To add a pozzle, you record yourself or your friends doing something pozitive for 6 seconds.

To get a glimpse of how it works, watch our new trailer video here.

Adding Pozzles: Choose an activity and tap ‘Add Pozzle’ to join in!

Each time you add a Pozzle, you’ll earn POZ, the world’s new pozitive currency (read about POZ here).





How small actions multiply

Over time, more and more people add their Pozzles to different kinds of pozitive activities. The more users who add Pozzles, and the more users who inspire each other to add Pozzles, the more POZ rewards multiply. This creates a compounding ‘pozitivity effect’ which becomes more and more attractive to join in. After all, pozitivity attracts.

In addition, brands and users alike can pozitively supercharge activities by pledging POZ, which boosts the rewards for anyone who participates in the activity. It’s pretty simple to tap into the laws of pozitive attraction to expand our pozitivity!

The Earth view

Open our home screen for that celestial feeling.

As you explore Pozzle Planet you’ll realise something profound — these Pozzles are little windows to the real world view. Not glossed over or prioritised in your feed based on negative value. “Hold to record” is our deliberate design for raw and direct sharing of the real-life activities of everyone on the planet. No filter.

This enables us to remove the barriers and the walls that have come up between us. Pozzle Planet is the world with no borders where we can freely interact on an equal playing field — just a camera. Now EVERYONE is a creator…so you better check your bias and initial misjudgement of the raw & real video content — consider for a moment what your brain has been trained to expect from fake social feeds…lets dissolve that negativity with a new kind of shine!

Remember, Pozzles are pieces of all of our pozitivity. Alone they stand, together they glow.

Pozzle Planet: Pozzles are short 6 second videos of pozitive activities

World pozitivity stats

The coolest thing? You’ll get LIVE global stats for the whole community of users on Earth. Here’s a screenshot of the figures at the time of writing this…and we’re interested — what are the numbers now while you’re ready this? Go check!

Home screen of Pozzle Planet & global user stats LIVE on pozzleplanet.com

Fill the planet with pozitivity

First, fill your day with pozitivity by joining pozitive activities with friends and people all over the world. Because when you do that, you’ll see it multiply.

In the beginning, we start on Earth, filling it with pozzles, filling it with pozitivity, filling it with POZ. Then soon, we’ll be heading out as Pozzlenauts and travelling to the next stage of our pozitive journey — to actual Pozzle Planets that are born like stars when the pozitive forces reach maximum heights.

Why Pozzle after all?

We’re creating a mozaic of everyone’s pieces of pozitivity, a giant puzzle that will become our collective ‘progress bar’ of positive impact —a growing and evolving interconnected structure of pozitivity-filled hexagons — for everyone in the world to plainly see and to easily add to it.

It’s possible complete the puzzle of the world we want, by adding all our Pozzle pieces together. Even a giant puzzle starts with the first piece. You can start small by adding your small pozitive pieces to the planet.

When you add your Pozzle, you’ll feel like everything is pozzible.

Available now on App Store & Google Play.



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Pozzle Planet

Pozzle Planet


Pozzle Planet is a social-video platform powered by POZ, a new currency that rewards everyday activities that have a positive impact on the planet.