Pozzle Planet mobile-app — launching to App Store & Google Play

Pozzle Planet is a fun, simple and pozitive way to join activities with friends and people all over the world. Record and share pozitive videos and get rewarded for it.

Great for non-creators and super-creators alike, Pozzle Planet allows you to share your pozitive story in a real way. Unlike other social content-platforms such as TikTok, Pozzle Planet doesn’t have upload or video editing effects. You record and add your pozitive videos directly in the moment using the in-app camera.

You can instantly record, add, share and earn rewards that go straight to your in-app wallet and become yours to spend, send or save for a pozitive day!

Pozzle Planet mobile-app: Record and share pozitive videos and get rewarded for it

Inspiring others to join activities with you is the aim of the game. There’s no other feeling like getting your first notification when “You’ve Inspired Someone!”. The more people you inspire to join an activity — the higher your pozitivity becomes — and the more rewards you will earn!

With Pozzle Planet, you can…

- Record pozitive activities during your day in short form, directly within the app

- Explore and instantly join activities that are happening now, via the video feed

- Start new activities and encourage others to join you

- Find trending activities, top users, and new activities to join in the For You section

- Showcase your pozitive story through the pozitive stamps you receive from others

- Earn rewards each time you add a video and view them straight away in your in-app wallet

- Spend your rewards in-app and boost the rewards for others to join activities you care about by using our unique ‘pledging’ feature

- Increase your earnings simply by doing more. We value doing over viewing, so your earnings don’t solely depend on things like impressions or likes from others!

- Gain exposure for your brand through a new form of active social-engagement with pozitive causes and missions

Pozzle Planet aims to fill the world with pozitivity through our daily activities that contribute to sustainability and planet-friendly behaviour, making us one of Earth’s only social media platforms with a built-in mission for a more sustainable world.

The app has a bold and radically new interface and design that makes recording & joining activities a breeze. But perhaps what makes this experience stand out from anything in social today, are the new social-interactions that are 100% unique to Pozzle Planet:

Pozzle Planet: Unique social interactions and notifications

- Pozitive stamps: Show others that you think their video is pozitive by giving pozitive stamps! But these stamps aren’t just any old reactions, they’re our community-mechanism for steering towards our pozitive-planet goals, and are also inputs to the rewards calculation!

- Pledging: Add POZ to activities to super-charge them and make the rewards more attractive for others to join. Think along the lines of imagining Coca Cola just pledged 1 million POZ for a plastic cleanup…

- Inspirations: The most powerful feeling and recognition that you’ve really made an impact, is when you can actually see that someone did something because you did it first…we invite you to try how it feels to inspire someone on a Pozzle Planet!

Here’s what people are saying about Pozzle Planet:

It makes me think pozitive.” — @AndiPutra

You have never felt a sensation like this before. This is the latest innovation!” — @Raka

In the future you don’t need a machine to pay you to recycle. Get paid with POZ anywhere in the world.” — @KingFloki

We need more pozitive people to make the world better.” — @Anhopia

Lots of rewards to bring light on the planet is finally here.” — @Ayommie2

Features like this are a wake up call for everyone to try as we let our minds lean on pozitivity for a common goal.” — @luckymenoodles

What I love about the app is that there are activities like you can post something and at the same time you will earn POZ tokens.” — @Realyn

POZ token has a plan to impact the world. And the pozitivity that comes with it is infectious. I love this project.” — @winiwealth.nft

Bringing pozitivity in one’s life is the best thing ever, earning from doing it is just a bonus.” — @dianne_pizarro

To try out the Pozzle Planet mobile-app ‘Alpha version’ before it hits the Stores, download here for Android and here for iOS.

For feedback or feature requests, join our Discord, email us at team@pozzleplanet.com or find us on Twitter @PozzlePlanet



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Pozzle Planet

Pozzle Planet


Pozzle Planet is a social-video platform powered by POZ, a new currency that rewards everyday activities that have a positive impact on the planet.