Pozzle Planet — Odyssey ‘23

The most pozitive adventure in the universe begins now!

This is a special inter-planetary broadcast from Pozzle Planet mission control!

Mission 1: Unlock Planet Earth

According to our galactic calculations, we estimate that the amount of pozitivity generated by adding enough Pozzles to earn 100,000 POZ, would unlock Planet Earth in the mobile-app!

Unlocking this feature will bring a new 3D exploration experience on the Home screen (similar to ‘Snapmaps’) where you will be able to venture around the globe to join pozitive activities being started anywhere on Earth.

To help unlock Planet Earth, record something pozitive! Add your Pozzle videos and earn as much POZ as pozzible. The more pozzles you add, the more POZ you earn, and the higher your pozitivity will become!

Pozzle Planet: The global stats for POZ earned and Pozzles added, are visible on the Home screen and are also beamed LIVE on pozzleplanet.com

That’s not all, the most pozitive participants in the Odyssey will win prizes!

First off, the most pozitive Earthlings according to the in-app leaderboard will be ‘transmogrified’ into Pozzlenauts — and will receive a free mint of the original ‘22 series of Pozzlenauts collectible avatars! Learn more about the story of the Pozzlenauts here.

Next Mission: Unlock Pozzle Planets

Once Planet Earth has unlocked, the Pozzlenauts will begin the next mission to unlock the Pozzle planetary system in the mobile-app. This will enable the pozitive journeys of millions of Earthlings into the Pozzleverse — where we will be able travel to Pozzle Planets and fill them up with pozitive activities!

More details announced soon…



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Pozzle Planet

Pozzle Planet is a social-video platform powered by POZ, a new currency that rewards everyday activities that have a positive impact on the planet.