Pozzlenaut NFTs — How to Mint

Pozzlenauts are 2,222 omnichain NFTs with special powers to mine POZ from Pozzle Planet. This article is a step-by-step guide for how to mint and transfer your Pozzlenaut NFTs across 7 chains using Pozzle Planet’s custom-built smart contracts, transfer portal and fully integrated mintpage!

Welcome Earthlings to the Pozzleverse!

We are POZitively excited for you to join the Pozzlenauts!! Firstly, we wanted to make sure your ‘MX’ minting experience is a smooth (and slimy) as possible. Slime trait is rare, just sayin’.

All you’ll need to do is visit our custom mintpage (see below) and click through a few steps to get your Pozzlenaut…or Pozzlenauts (3x per wallet)!

Pozzlenauts Mintpage: www.pozzleplanet.com/mint

How it Works

  1. Go to pozzleplanet.com/mint
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Choose your chain
  4. Select how many NFTs you want to mint (Max 3 per wallet)
  5. Click “Mint Now”
  6. Pay the Mint Price $199 USDC (Greenlist $150 USDC)

IMPORTANT: Depending on the chain you choose, USDC must be already available in your wallet on the network where you’re minting on. For example if you want to mint on Optimism, you must have $199 USDC bridged into Optimism.

Minting Portal on Pozzlenauts Mintpage

When the transaction has completed, your Pozzlenaut will then reveal!

If you minted on Ethereum or Polygon, a browser will open and display your Pozzlenaut in Opensea, or if you minted on any of the other chains such as Binance or Avalanche, it will appear in TofuNFT marketplace. Your wallet will show as the owner of the NFT on these marketplaces — so a huge congrats on getting your Pozzlenaut…or 2, or 3 of them if you’re feeling minty!

IMPORTANT: You’ll need to be quick to get your preferred mint chain, as there are limited initial mint allocations — the 2,222 Pozzlenaut mints are distributed across 7 chains, for example 1,222 on Ethereum, 200 on Polygon, 200 on Avalanche and so on.

But if you miss your preferred initial mint chain, don’t worry, we got you — you can still mint on any chain and then simply transfer your Pozzlenaut to your preferred chain right after!

Transfer your NFT to another chain

It’s super easy to traverse the Pozzleverse!

We’ve setup a transfer portal on our mintpage so you can simply open that up, choose your chain, enter the Token ID and click “Transfer”.

Transfer Portal on Pozzlenauts Mintpage

Your NFT will change chains and then appear in the relevant marketplace(s) depending on which chain you transferred it to!

In case you don’t know how to find the Token ID, you can always locate it in the detailed display of your NFT in the marketplace website. For example on Opensea, underneath the JPEG you can click “Details” and the Token ID is displayed there. Just copy and paste it into the transfer portal, and away your Pozzlenaut goes!

Oh…we almost forgot to mention the most important thing, which is of course one of the traits called ‘chain paint’, where the paint stripes change colour when the Pozzlenaut changes chains!

Pozzlenaut ‘ONFTs’ change their paint colour when they change chains

Can I still get Greenlisted?

Yes! Join our Discord and complete the 5 easy steps to get on the Greenlist.

Remember that Greenlisted members get a 24hr head start on the public mint opening, and a huge $49 USDC discount! Yowza!


  • On desktop Metamask will work just fine. We’ve added ‘Connect Wallet’ support for all necessary chains.
  • On mobile, open a web browser from inside your wallet app. We recommend doing this via the Metamask app. Sometimes if you open a regular browser first like Chrome or Safari, the wallet connection won’t work.
  • Make sure you have USDC in your wallet on the CORRECT CHAIN! The USDC needs to be in the network you want to mint on! Minting 3x Pozzlenauts will be $598 USDC + gas
  • Follow Twitter so you don’t miss the spontaneous announcement

That’s pretty much it! We hope we have outlined enough detail and please get in touch on Discord in case you have any questions!

Shall we let your transmogrification begin?

Minting now: https://pozzleplanet.com/mint



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