A reveal is imminent…

Preview: How to invest in $POZ, by buying a Pozzlenaut NFT

The first $POZ token pre-sales are upon us.

Purchase $POZ before the public launch by investing in one of 2,222 Pozzlenaut NFTs, of which 22 with the special ‘POZ Power’ trait will be auctioned, each of the 22 coming with unique APR% and staking utility. This extensive article contains all the key points to support your buying decision.

Buy into $POZ, the Planet-Positive Currency 🌍 🌱

Pozzle Planet is an ‘impact-2-earn’ Protocol & Social Platform aiming to onboard 15 million adopters of $POZ via. our mobile video-app by 2024.

Our flagship product release is the world’s first ‘impact-2-earn’ social game-app coming soon to App Store & Google Play, where people can earn $POZ, a cryptocurrency that rewards you for joining activities that make a positive impact on the planet.

$POZ is uniquely engineered to become more valuable with the more positive impact we create. It’s an ERC-20 token bridged to Polygon for low carbon-footprint distribution, and will be migrating to Pozzle Planet’s own Greenchain.

More about $POZ in our Purplepaper and coming up, keep reading.

$POZ pre-sales available before Protocol launch

$POZ pre-protocol supply commitments (w/lockups)

The first round of 600,000 $POZ tokens (estimated) will be released for pre-sales in advance of a major Liquidity Bootstrap event and Protocol GO LIVE. Thereafter, $POZ can only be released into circulation through Mining via the Protocol.

22 Pozzlenaut NFTs to be auctioned with rare ‘$POZ Power’ trait

Purchase 1 of 22 Pozzlenaut NFTs with the ‘POZ Power’ trait to receive $POZ tokens at the early-bird price.



  • Hosted on Opensea
  • 1st Auction held in advance - 5 day countdown
  • 24hr classic bidding auction
  • Purchase in ETH
  • Reserve price 1.0 ETH


Buyers of a Pozzlenaut NFT receive a ‘$POZ Power Pack’, which is amount of $POZ tokens based on the purchase price of the Pozzlenaut NFT in ETH.

  • $POZ ‘Power Pack’: Receive $POZ at an initial price of 1 ETH = 1000 $POZ for the first Pozzlenaut NFT sale
  • Pricing: ETH to $POZ conversion price increases 1.5% for each Pozzlenaut NFT sale thereafter
  • Vesting: Receive $POZ via smart contract with 24 months linear vesting + 3 month cliff
  • Staking: $POZ is auto-staked
  • Yield: Exclusive pre-protocol APR%
  • Utility: Additional utility of the NFT

Read more about the benefits of the Pozzlenaut NFTs in the upcoming sections.

Take a bigger position in $POZ to gain more APR%

Purchase a Pozzlenaut NFT to receive an amount of $POZ + APR based on the purchase price:

  • Volume APR: APR% increases significantly when you purchase a larger amount of $POZ
  • Volume Discount: Purchasing a larger amount of $POZ significantly reduces the effective purchase price of $POZ
Example: APR & $POZ price figures, based on ETH purchase price scenarios for the 1st Pozzlenaut NFT auction

Bid-in early to get better returns

Order of Purchase: The APR terms are scaled to favour the earliest buyers

When purchasing a Pozzlenaut NFT, returns are higher depending on 1) Order of purchase i.e. 1st, 2nd …or last, and 2) The earlier you purchase vs. the Protocol launch date (🎯 Jul-22)

..and get powerful NFT utility

Pozzlenaut NFTs have the most powerful utility in the Pozzleverse. There will only be 22 holders who receive the maximum Pozzlenaut ‘Staking Bonus’ as a multiplier to staking yields from the Protocol.

Pozzlenauts Utility


  • $POZ Power Pack: Ability to acquire $POZ tokens at the early bird pre-sale price
  • Staking Bonus: Exclusive staking multiplier and increase yield based on your Pozzlenaut’s ‘$POZ Power’ trait
  • Auto-Greenlist: Instant Greenlist access for exclusive token pre-sales benefits, future airdrops and NFT mints
  • Planet Travel: Free travel access to Pozzle Planets when the app goes live
  • Space Station DAO: A portion of ownership of the Space Station sub-DAO

..and Stake-to-Impact

Staking $POZ is unlike any other staking model. It is unique because when you stake $POZ it converts to ‘Pozzles’, which are tradable NFTs that contain other impact-token assets and generate further yield.

The Pozzle economy generates revenues (…more on that coming up), that are converted into impact-tokens with an actual asset value (in $), and are paid out to $POZ stakers as rewards.

Staking $POZ = a share in the Protocol revenue (IPY%), whilst at the same time creating a meaningful and measurable unit of impact in the world.

That’s why we’ve coined “IPY” as Impact Percentage Yield.

3 reasons to buy $POZ now

Pre-sales are the only moment to take a position in $POZ with terms that will never be seen again.

  • Exclusive Pre-Protocol APR%: Special promotional ‘super-rate’ APR for Pozzlenaut NFT buyers in the lead up to Protocol launch
  • One-off Access to Volume: When the Protocol mining goes LIVE, access to $POZ volume will be significantly reduced due to the mining constraints
  • Earlybird Price: Although we can’t guarantee it, it’s our goal for the pre-sales price to be the lowest $POZ will ever be

Creating a new ecosystem for value

$POZ tokenomics are completely unique, based on a non-dilutive Protocol with a value-creating system and revenue-generating economy to support it, whilst yielding real-life impact and genuine returns.

$POZ Tokenomics: Value-creating system & economy
  1. A social game where people generate impact by sharing videos and earning rewards.
  2. An impact-Protocol and ReFi (DeFi) yield generator that passively farms people’s impact into tokens that contain other impact-generating assets.
  3. A new spin on Proof of Work, we only mine $POZ when value is generated (Proof of Impact).

The 🌟 POZitivity Effect🌟

As the Pozzle Planet platform grows, community participation increases which generates value that is redistributed to make further participation even more attractive.

POZitivity effect: How the $POZ token engineering ensures that supply is inextricably linked to demand growth


Towards $POZ as a mainstream cryptocurrency in the Earth economy.

Business Model: $POZ is direct access to the Treasury

Revenue is fundamental to Pozzle Planet’s value-creating system design. From the jump the ‘consumer-facing’ aspects of our ecosystem are purposely integrated to generate revenue and income for the Treasury.

The following revenue lines will be activated as per the roadmap:

  • In-app purchases
  • In-app transaction fees
  • NFT marketplace fees
  • APR on Treasury
  • POZ-as-a-service
  • ‘POZpay’ fees
  • Greenchain transaction fees

Greenchain: $POZ adoption via dApps

The purpose of Greenchain is to increase mainstream adoption of $POZ through dApps on the Greenchain, as well as providing $GREEN fees to the Pozzle Planet Treasury for distribution to $POZ stakeholders.

Greenchain: Scaling adoption of $POZ and providing $GREEN revenue to Treasury

Greenchain will be built on Cosmos Tendermint SDK, and is fully compatible with Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) to connect to the Cosmos Ecosystem.

Treasury: ‘POL’ Protocol-owned Liquidity model

‘POL’ Protocol-owned Liquidity model initially funded through pre-sales & liquidity bootstrapping, then via. Bonding & ‘fastPOZ’ (purchases & quick-swaps) via the Pozzle Planet mobile-app.

Use of funds

Treasury Use of Funds

Initially 40%+ of funds dedicated to high APR strategy (Target 45% APR) then bridge & deposit funds in vaults, letting it grow with safe, consistent yields that are low risk (Target APR 20%).

The Treasury will implement yield earning strategies that will help boost the Treasury’s reserves, with an aim to focus on decentralised stablecoins. Considering stablecoin history we’re looking at balancer pools to give everyone access to multiple forms of liquidity. Information about the liquidity will become available for the LBP when we go LIVE.


Managed by a core team and co-founders, the Treasury is integrated with the Protocol to ensure trustless management to the maximum extent and alignment of incentives with growth of $POZ.

Multi-sigs: Treasury has 6 multi-sigs with majority required for transactions.

Founding team is fully doxxed and multi-sigs verified. @Xulian — Treasury Lead, @LadyPozzle — Cofounder, @ThomasBisballe — Cofounder, @Amit — CTO & Cofounder, @Spiritanto — Treasury & Greenchain Co-Lead, @BaasC — Signatory.

$POZ Supply Distribution

The Protocol constrains the supply of $POZ via mining & automatic allocation. The amount of $POZ mined into circulation is 100% dependent on value first being added to the system.

$POZ mining via. POI (Proof of Impact)

POZ supply curve: Illustrative projection based on Protocol Mining

Protocol Mining

New supply of $POZ is trustlessly constrained by our smartly engineered ‘anti-dilution’ Protocol. A new spin on Proof of Work, we only mine $POZ when value is generated (Proof of Impact).


Mined $POZ is automatically distributed by the Protocol into predetermined allocation buckets. Additional constraints exist on e.g. Bonding allocations. Read more in our Purplepaper.


Pre-sales are vested over a 2 year period after a 3 month cliff. Lockups are in place for pre-season B2E and growth initiatives. Founding team incentives are completely aligned with long-term value growth of $POZ, having a 2 year lockup in place + 2 year linear vesting thereafter, to reach a share of 15% of mined supply.

Token launch program

Pre-sales phase leads up to the Liquidity Bootstrap event, closely followed by a simultaneous launch of the Protocol, Bonding & Staking and Mobile-app.

$POZ Token Pre-Sales

Ready to buy ‘$POZ Power’?

Contact @Thomas B, follow our Twitter and join our Discord for the latest info!


Can I sell my Pozzlenaut NFT?

Yes — you can sell your NFT. If you sell, you will keep the $POZ Power Pack which is linked to your wallet by smart contract, however the utility of the NFT itself will be transferred to the new owner.

Can I sell my $POZ Power Pack?

In the future — Your POZ Power Pack vests on a 12mth schedule, with a 3 month cliff. Each month you will be have access to a distribution of POZ from your smart contract. When POZ is on a DEX you will be able to trade it.

Is there a royalty on secondary sales of the NFT?

Yes — Pozzle Planet Treasury has a royalty on all secondary sales which ranges from 3% to 10% depending on the Marketplace.

Do I keep the $POZ Staking Bonus if i sell the NFT?

No — the Pozzlenaut NFT itself carries the Staking Bonus utility and applies it to the owner’s wallet. If you don’t hold the Pozzlenaut, you won’t get the Staking Bonus when staking $POZ into the Protocol.

Is $POZ a governance token? What say do I have?

Not yet — it is expected that $POZ holders will transition to carry governance rights in the future. All $POZ holders are welcome to make themselves heard today through participation in our open & transparent community.

Will there be more Pre-Sales after the Pozzlenaut NFT auctions?

Yes — however the terms will be different as the next opportunity to buy $POZ will be in our Liquidity Bootstrap event, where the special promotional terms for the Pozzlenaut NFTs (early-bird $POZ price and APR) and other utilities will not apply.




Pozzle Planet is an ‘Impact-2-Earn’ Protocol & Social Platform powered by $POZ, a cryptocurrency that rewards actions that have a positive impact on the planet.

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Pozzle Planet

Pozzle Planet

Pozzle Planet is an ‘Impact-2-Earn’ Protocol & Social Platform powered by $POZ, a cryptocurrency that rewards actions that have a positive impact on the planet.

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